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What to Expect

Once we receive your enrollment form, we will schedule an interview. We interview home providers at their home. Home seeker interviews generally take place at the Home Share Now offices. Please note that because of our process, we cannot provide emergency housing. The fastest someone is able to move from step 1 to step 5 is four to six weeks.

2.) Matchmaking

After Home Share Now has completed a series of background and reference checks, participants are now ready to be matched based on personal preferences such as pets, location, and services offered and/or provided. When we think we’ve found you a match, we’ll contact you to schedule an introduction.

3.) Introductions

Introductions take place at the home of the potential home provider. Home Share Now will facilitate the introduction and ask questions that will inform everyone involved. Some participants only need one introduction; others meet many people before finding the right match.

4.) Try it on for size!

A promising introduction is followed by a minimum two-week trial period. Home seekers come with only a suitcase or two, so everyone can try this arrangement with no pressure—if it works, great. If not, that’s great too—there’s no commitment until everyone is sure. For this reason, it is important that everyone has a Plan B. The Home Share Now mediator will help draft a preliminary match agreement.

5.) A match is made!

After a successful trial period, it’s time for your individualized home sharing agreement. Home Share Now will return to make any changes to the match agreement. At that time, you’ll pay your one-time match fee, good for the life of the match, based on a sliding scale ($100-$500)—and the home seeker(s) moves their possessions into their new home!

6.) Follow-up

Once there is a successful match, Home Share Now staff are available to assist participants if questions or concerns arise—most of all we love to hear your stories!

7.) Tell us your story

Once we receive your enrollment form, we will schedule an interview. We interview home providers at their home. Home seeker interviews generally take place at the Home Share Now offices.

While the majority of Home Share Now’s participants use the process outlined below, we do have the flexibility to custom build a service package for you.

Already have a person to possibly share a home with?
Home Share Now can provide an added layer of assurance by:

This service requires enrollment by both the home provider and the home seeker. Both parties will be responsible for a one time match fee, good for the life of the match. The fee is on a sliding scale ($100-$500) and determined by your income. Payment plans welcome. Call Laura at 802-479-8543 or [email protected]

If you feel background checks and references are unnecessary, Home Share Now can offer you agreement writing as a stand-alone service for a cost that is typically around $300 plus mileage, depending on your location. For more information about a stand-alone agreement, contact Roni at 802-479-8547 or [email protected]

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