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Landlord-Tenant Services

Home Share Now believes that creating and maintaining positive landlord and tenant relationships benefits all involved:

  • For the landlord: lower turn-over, fewer complaints, consistent income
  • For the tenant: stable housing, less aggravation, secure living environment
  • For the neighbors: a more peaceful neighborhood and consistent neighbors

To support the above, Home Share Now offers specific services:

  • Agreement Services (proactive)
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Mediation (reactive)
  • Follow-up Support

What is the difference between a lease and an agreement? A lease is a legal document outlining Vermont statutes and is generally standardized. An agreement is unique to the landlord and tenant involved and outlines the expectations of the relationship, how they will effectively communicate with each other, and what steps they will take to both prevent and handle conflict if it arises. The Home Share Now Mediator facilitates this process using 10+ years of housing experience. The two documents work together to create a well-rounded and proactive arrangement.

What is conflict coaching? In this process, the Home Share Now Mediator works one-on-one with someone experiencing conflict and enables the person to talk about the conflict, consider options for managing it, and design an approach to address the conflict. Conflict coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or it can be practiced with each of the parties in lieu of or in preparation for mediation.

What is mediation? Mediation is the process of settling disputes through active communication between the parties. It requires all parties to meet face-to-face to openly discuss the dispute. Home Share Now’s Mediator, a trained and neutral third party, assists the parties to uncover points of agreement, create a reasonable outcome for all involved, and repair relationships.

Appropriate Clients and Fees

Clients may include landlords, tenants, property managers, co-tenants who live in the same apartment or house, and co-tenants who live in the same building or complex.

Call Roni Coleman for more information. 802-479-8547 or email [email protected].