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Why home share in central Vermont?

  • Meet people and make friends
  • Discover new ways to relate to friends, relatives, coworkers, and neighbors
  • Lighten the load of responsibilities
  • Stay safe AND independent in your own home
  • Create more free time
  • Meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities
  • Increase resources and opportunities for low-income households

Why the need for a home sharing movement?

In the nine years since Home Share Now opened its doors, the world has shifted dramatically.

  • The first Baby Boomers qualified for Social Security, an undeniable harbinger of a rapidly aging population.
  • Affordable housing, already scarce in central Vermont, blossomed into a crisis with the national economic meltdown in late 2008.
  • The economic reality is inspiring many folks to reevaluate their lifestyles.
  • Environmental concerns — including increased awareness of the scarcity of “easy” oil and evidence of climate change — have highlighted the need to explore more sustainable choices.

Home sharing provides an answer to these challenges.  Home share matches are different from traditional landlord/tenant situations, because each match is a personalized blend of trading some services and/or money in the context of building a new relationship between two or more people.

Why not home share?

Build something beautiful.

Home Share Now does not provide emergency housing or care giving.
See Resources for additional information.