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Who home shares in central Vermont?

  • Patricia, a retired school teacher in her 80’s who needed help with firewood and grocery shopping.
  • A dad and his 8 year-old son who needed housing after a divorce.
  • Delia, a young professional new to Montpelier who wanted to walk to work so she wouldn’t have to buy a car.
  • A small-business-owning couple in their 50’s who needed some extra income.
  • Gary, in his mid-30s, who came to VT after earning a master’s in environmental studies. He was a real handy-man, fixing up the house in his home share.
  • Randy, a retired gentleman in his 90’s, who wanted a good cook and someone who loved dogs.
  • Greta, an artist and scientist in her 50’s who speaks seven languages.
  • A couple who traded their organic gardening skills for a place to live.
  • Jackie, in her 50s, who owns her own home in Burlington but works in central VT. She has a weekday home share, and spends weekends at her house.
  • A 99 year-old and her family who lived nearby but were exhausted from meeting their mother’s 24-7 care needs.
  • Brenda, a recent college grad, who thought it would be “neat” to live with an older Vermonter and save money so she can someday buy a house.
  • A single woman hoping to share expenses so that she can travel more often.
  • Tom, a well-educated and thoughtful man nearing 60, with a great job, who was leaving a marriage.
  • Every home share is unique.