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Economics of home sharing

  • Home Providers are able to maintain their property tax credits with proof of a Home Share Now agreement thanks to law H.480 passed by the Vermont Legislature. This law only affects Act 60 income adjustment which in turn affects your property taxes.
  • Share the LIHEAP love! If either party in a home share match are eligible for Vermont’s fuel benefits from LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) both the home seeker and the home provider can benefit.
  • Reduce the financial cost of caring for a child, a parent, or other family member.
  • Share the cost of fuel, utilities, food, transportation, etc.
  • Give, receive, or exchange services.
  • The average home share stipend, $340/month versus $850/month for a one bedroom apartment rental in our service area. This added up to $81,780 in rental savings in FY2014.

What is a home share worth?

Lots of folks have questions about what services are worth.  While it’s hard to put a price tag on many aspects of home sharing, you might find these 2012 rates helpful for comparison:

  • A house cleaner working 4 hours/week makes $184/month
  • A food preparer working 15 hours/week makes $653/month
  • An animal caretaker working 1 hour/week makes $48/month
  • A home maintenance and repair service provider working 2 hours/week makes $140/month
  • A hired driver working 2 hours/week makes $96/month

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ for the State of Vermont
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)