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Customized options


While the majority of Home Share Now’s participants use our entire process, we do have the flexibility to custom build a service package for you.

Already have a person to possibly share a home with?

Home Share Now can provide an added layer of assurance by:

  • Processing background checks and calling references
  • Helping you craft a customized, written agreement
  • Providing support for the duration of the match.

This service requires enrollment by both parties (the home provider and the home seeker). Both parties will be responsible for a one time match fee, good for the life of the match. The fee is on a sliding scale ($100-$500) and determined by your income. Payment plans welcome. Call Kara Casey at 802-479-8543 or [email protected].

If you feel background checks and references are unnecessary, Home Share Now can offer you agreement writing as a stand-alone service for a cost that is typically around $300 plus mileage, depending on your location. For more information about a stand-alone agreement, contact Roni Coleman at 802-479-8547 or [email protected].